Trae Ashlie-Garen

Trae Ashlie-Garen

Test I have a deep desire for people and planet: > for the formation of infrastructures for cross-sector exploration and discovery; > for increasing community capacity that is rooted in healthy peer-to-peer agency; and > a priority for blended finance to support ongoing gathering and dialogue in the name of all of it > doing so in a way that is neutral from founder or funder / organizational or corporate agenda As a transition specialist & mentor who works across public, private & philanthropic sectors, I’ve always loved working with the kind of leaders who really want to BE someone who makes a difference not just for their teams, but also for the world & for humanity. The kind of people who are upping the ante for themselves & still appreciate having a beginner’s mind. The kind of people who are willing to go deeper & discover something different about what they thought they knew - especially about themselves - and bring wholeness to their role. I access 25 years in non-profit, family-run business and family offices, and have served over 500 clients across 33 industries and 4 continents. I make it my mission to continually get to know what’s REALLY happening out in the field, and what it takes to BE in ongoing Practice with it daily. > Do you secretly desire to fuel, create and Increase Prosperity and Wealth for all? > Do you prefer a guide who Partners with you to Navigate Uncertainty with More Ease and less angst? > Or perhaps you are boldly seeking to simply create More Health, Nurturing and Rest for yourself, inside a system that flows with seemingly ongoing periods of intensity?

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Start Date April 1, 2017

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