Shane Mulligan

Shane Mulligan

Test With over 10 years of experience in the energy sector, I have a broad professional understanding of distributed renewable energy technologies and related policies. My experience includes research and writing on energy markets, RE grid integration, wind & solar, energy storage, EVs, and green hydrogen. I am also studying emerging applications of blockchain in the energy sector. I came to focus on the green economy after working through a PhD in international politics and philosophy at the University of Cambridge, England. I have spent many years researching and writing and can claim some expertise in a number of areas: renewable energy technologies & policies energy & climate change biodiversity biotechnology and GMOs energy & food security international environmental politics I am also, most fortunately, a husband, father, and canine companion. My wife Cristin works with persons with special needs and for a number of years has been building Our Studio, a welcoming and accessible place where friends can hang out, make art, sing karaoke, and take in the occasional ball game. Our two young teens, Sadie and Sam, are handling the COVID era really well, and keeping life full and fun. And then there's Tulo and Haemish (below), who, despite appearances, generally keep me well grounded.

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Level Allied Members

Start Date January 1, 1970


Region Ontario

Work in Remote? Yes

Expertise Environment, Project Management, Advocacy

Services Co-op Development, Editorial Services

Languages English

Company Radicle Works

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