Marty Frost

Marty Frost

Test My 20 years as a member of a fast-growing worker co-op (the last 10 as general manager), 28 years as a co-op developer, 48 years in governance roles in cooperative organizations, from National (CHF Canada, CWCF, Co-op Investment Fund), Regional (BC Co-op Association, CHF/BC) to local (East End Storefront Co-op, CCEC Credit Union, Tidal Flats Housing Cooperative) have gifted me with a set of knowledge and experience that I am anxious to share with people who are interested in starting a cooperative, or making changes in an existing cooperative. Most recently I am involved in a new workers' cooperative tasked with assisting people in forming worker co-ops to assume ownership of an enterprise that employs them. What an exciting world we live in!

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Level Developer Member

Start Date May 5, 2023


Region British Colombia

Work in Remote? Yes

Expertise Agrifood, Environment, Development, Incorporation, Strategic Planning, Management, Capitalization, Worker co-ops, Community Service, Training, Bylaws, Governance, Finance, Analysis, Mentoring, Feasibility Studies, Project Management, Evaluation, Accounting

Services Cooperatives only: Employee buyouts, ground-up development, strategic planning, change management, finance and capitalization, education and training, feasibility analyses, governance.

Languages English

Company CoActive Developers Worker Co-op

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