Lacey Chyz

Lacey Chyz

Test Lacey is a skilled communicator and facilitator who gets to the heart of member engagement and stakeholder relations. For the last 14 years, she has worked with co-operatives in various sectors from rural Alberta, to Uganda, Malawi and the Arctic. Lacey is a captivating co-op advocate, educator and developer. She has worked with local co-operatives as well as their provincial associations and national federations and trade associations. She has provided strategic advice to Executive Leaders and Boards of co-ops for more than a decade, and she helps educate community economic development officers, business development coaches, and lenders and grant funders, about the co-operative model and its many applications and benefits. As a bridge-builder and natural networker, Lacey connects people, empowers them, and helps them develop action plans that will bring their vision to life. She is here for the co-op renaissance era to help revive co-operatives for next generation.

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Level Developer Member

Start Date October 24, 2022

Region Alberta

Work in Remote? Yes

Expertise Development, Strategic Planning, Community Service, Training, Analysis, Project Management, Evaluation, Advocacy

Services Meeting facilitation, pre-feasibility study, concept/idea development, stakeholder mapping, member recruitment and engagement strategies, business planning, marketing planning, product and service evaluation, competitive analysis, co-op training and education for new Board members and employees, member service audits, communication audits and advice, grant application assistance

Languages English

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