Billy Granger

Billy Granger

Test The philosophical thrust of my work is to explore, develop and collaborate on creative solutions that make our communities stronger, healthier and more inclusive. At Wiltshire Business Services, I am dedicated to providing business consulting services to wide range of businesses, including: sole proprietorships, partnerships, cooperatives, social enterprises and corporations. I provide my clients with the necessary supports to launch, expand, stabilize or improve their business

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Level Developer Members

Start Date January 1, 1970


Region Manitoba

Work in Remote? Yes

Expertise Strategic Planning, Management, Feasibility Studies

Services -Writing feasibility studies or business plans or assisting my clients to write their own -Providing consultations regarding management issues -Developing new marketing strategies or improving existing ones -Helping clients access funding or financing -Providing coaching and training to entrepreneurs -Connecting clients to organizations and supports they need

Languages English

Company Wiltshire Business Services

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