George Brown

George Brown

Test The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed our interconnectedness and vulnerability, as well as demonstrating the precedence of the everyday economy over the financial economy and of the absolute indispensability of essential workers and the local state. Prior to the pandemic however, Community Wealth Building (CWB) emerged in the mid-2000s, to challenge the underlying logic of neoliberalism and the failing national and local economic model that has produced such negative outcomes as ingrained poverty, inequality, ecological degradation and accelerating wealth extraction. CWB seeks to shift the dial on economic development strategies by demonstrating a way to build collaborative, inclusive and democratically controlled local economies through the reconfiguration of local institutions to produce more equitable and sustained outcomes as a matter of course, rather than relying on redistribution “after the fact” in a lopsided economic model. Traditional economic development practice and developer-led regeneration (supported by traditional business law lawyers and approaches) are failing to address the economic challenges of our time. Community Wealth Building (CWB) is a new people-centred approach to local economic development, which directs wealth back into the local economy, and places control and benefits in to the hands of local people. It requires new legal approaches and more importantly, lawyers who are committed to social justice lawyering and open to using legal tools to help communities thrive. George is a recognized expert in the field of community development law as it is applied to Community Wealth Building. He developed and taught a course in this emerging field of practice at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law. George has been a leader in the field of CWB and Community Economic Development (CED) for over 25 years. He has a Master’s Degree in CED, and initiated the development of several Ottawa based CED organizations including the Ottawa Entrepreneurship Centre, the Ottawa Community Loan Fund, and the Centre for Social Enterprise Development. He has served on numerous Boards and Committees at the national, provincial and local levels dealing with CED and social enterprise. Let George be your trusted advisor as you move your community forward!

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Start Date April 1, 2013

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Expertise Incorporation, Worker co-ops, Governance, Legal

Services Federal or Provincial Co-operative and Non-Profit incorporation Impact Investment strategy and implementation including community bonds, co-op Offering Statements Social enterprise development & the Canada Revenue Agency… what all non-profits need to know! Community/Social Infrastructure development and finance Social Procurement/Community Benefit Agreements: Strategy and Negotiation

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