Eric Tusz-King

Eric Tusz-King

Test Eric Tusz-King has served as the Atlantic region director on CWCF’s board since 2007, and will conclude his final term in office later this year. His introduction to the worker co-op movement began with the development of EnerGreen Builders’ Co-operative, which was created to build energy-efficient homes in 2006. His interest in the co-op model, however, goes back to his university years, and has included membership in co-ops of many different kinds. He is currently with Aster Group, an environmental consulting co-operative. Eric believes the co-op model, particularly worker co-ops, is the best model for achieving economic, social, and environmental goals, a belief that is closely tied to his faith in humanity. He believes that people are good, and that co-ops build on our inherently cooperative nature, as opposed to the competition encouraged by traditional capitalism.

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Level Developer Member

Start Date April 1, 2013

Phone Number (506) 536-7215

Region New Brunswick

Work in Remote? Yes

Expertise Development, Incorporation, Worker co-ops, Training

Languages English

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