Dale A. Holland

Dale A. Holland

Test My choice to enter the legal profession was the mature product of my values and inclinations, my experience and my strengths. I have remained firmly committed to social change (which for me means working for social and economic justice and environmental sustainability) since my early undergraduate years. It was this commitment that led me to the co-operative and non-profit sectors and to the development and management of affordable housing. In many respects I see my practice of law as a natural extension of my prior working life. Not only did my career before law provide considerable experience in enterprise start up, development and management in the not-for-profit and co-op sectors, but I became a well-informed consumer of legal services in the process. Through this experience, I came to understand that my inclinations, skills and experience would be assets to the practice of law and that law would provide an opportunity to continue my commitment to social change. The net result is a deep commitment to affordable, high quality and convenient legal services for individuals and families, small businesses, non-profits and charities, co-operatives and social entrepreneurs.

Email Address dale@holland-law.ca

Level Professional Service Provider Members

Start Date April 1, 2014

Phone Number (519) 745-9744


Region Ontario

Expertise Development, Management, Legal

Services Individuals & Families, Small Business, Non-Profits & Charities, Co-Operatives, Social Enterprise, Affordable Housing Providers

Languages English

Company dh:law

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