TitreResource AuthorResource DateResource File
The cooperative movement and climate changeYuill Herbertseptembre 1, 2015Download
Current and Emerging Legal Issues in Housing Co-opsLaird Hunter, Celia Chandler, and Grant Haddocknovembre 12, 2014Download
Contributions of the Americas CICOPA to the 3rd Cooperative Summit of the AmericasCICOPA Americasseptembre 23, 2014Download
Tele-learning Session: Investment Shares in Co-opsBrian Iler and Laird Huntermai 19, 2015Download
Incorporation under the Canada Cooperatives ActColeen Kirby and Laird Hunterdécembre 11, 2013Download
Guide to Setting Up a Co-operative in OntarioFinancial Services Commission of Ontariojuin 30, 2021Download
Worker Co-operative Code of GovernanceCo-operativesjuin 30, 2021Download
Starting a Worker Co-op: A Canadian HandbookCanadian Worker Co-op Federationjuin 30, 2009Download
Succession Planning Using the Worker Co-op OptionPeter Houghmars 31, 2005Download
The Worker Co-operative Movements in Italy, Mondragon and France: Context, Success Factors and LessonsCanadian Worker Cooperative Federationmai 31, 2010Download
Financing to convert a business into a worker co-operativeAlberto Zevijuin 30, 2011Download
Good Governance CoopZone Tele-learning SessionLynn Hannleymai 19, 2010Download
Co-operatives and First NationsPaul Cabaj and Winston Lapatakseptembre 16, 2010Download
Aboriginal Cooperative Conference “Putting the Collective Spirit to Work” Conference ReportEconomic Development Departmentavril 22, 2010Download
Business Succession in Rural Communities Case StudyYellowknife Glass Recyclers Cooperativejuin 30, 2021Download
Health Co-ops in Canada and Around the WorldJean-Pierre Girardseptembre 1, 2011Download
EcovillagesLynn Hannley and Marty Frostmars 23, 2011Download
CoopZone’s Code of Ethics and Code of Professional ConductCoopZonejuin 30, 2021Download
Multi-Stakeholder Bylaw Example QuébecCWCFjuillet 1, 1999Download