Training Program

Join our Training Program and become an effective co-op Developper

Co-op development is a challenging process that requires a diverse array of skills.

CoopZone offers two levels of training - an Introduction to Co-op Development for those who wish to understand and support others leading the process, and a two year Advanced Online Program, for those coordinating the process.

Becoming an effective co-op developer requires not just knowledge and creativity, but most of all practice working with many different types of co-ops and their legislation.

The CoopZone Training Program consists of 8 modules that can be taken individually or together in segments of 4 over the course of 2 years, referred to as Series 1 and Series 2. Most students choose to take all eight courses, one course at a time, over two years. 

Every course includes all downloadable online reading material, 2 90-minute participatory webinars and access to the recordings, and 2 one-hour mentorship sessions with your assigned experienced CoopZone mentor. Courses generally involve a time commitment of 2-4 hours a week depending on the student’s own depth of participation.


Each course costs a tuition fee of $750 CAD + applicable tax. CoopZone maintains a network of partners that can offer financial aid depending on the needs and situations of an applicant. You can signal your interest in applying for aid upon applying.



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