CoopZone Training Program Program Director – Hiring June 2021

CoopZone was founded in 2009 with the mission to be a catalyst for co-operative developers and professional service providers to foster the social economy through the development of co-operatives. To this end, the CoopZone Training Program was launched in 2011. It is envisioned as a tool to provide co-op developers with the skills necessary to be full-service co-op experts. The Training Program is funded through tuition revenues, and broad co-op sector support for bursaries, program evaluations and improvements.

CoopZone is seeking a person as Program Director of its online Co-operative Developers Training Program.  The Training Program is the only program in the world specifically focused on the skills, knowledge and experience needed to be a professional co-operative developer.

The Program Director is responsible for the overall development and the delivery of the CoopZone Co-operative Development Training Program. The Program Director works with Course Instructors to deliver the training, and with the training Committee and management to administer and market the Training Program.

The range of responsibilities include:

  • Working with Course Instructors, and the Training Committee to continually improve the Training Program
  • Reviewing participants’ applications to assess their readiness for the Training Program and the course(s) selected
  • Evaluating the bursary applications and with a member of the Training Committee to determine the level of bursary to be made available
  • Working with the Training Committee to solicit funds from supporters/sponsors for Training Committee
  • Developing with Course Instructors and recommending to the Training Committee a full calendar of dates for each course containing the names of Course Instructors, presenters, and mentors
  • Setting up and recording monthly Zoom webinars for each course
  • Arranging with Course Instructors the mentor for each student
  • Meeting with the Course Instructors and mentors as often as they determine effective to engage them in carry out their responsibilities and the overall improvement of the Training Program
  • Annually surveying students, mentors, and Course Instructors on their experiences with the Training Program
  • Conducting a more substantial survey of the Training Program to determine any recommendations for significant changes in the Training Program
  • Training and working with the Course Instructors in using the Moodle and Zoom platforms
  • Collaborating with CoopZone management regarding marketing, administrating, and maintaining the financial records of the Training Program

We are looking for the following experience, knowledge and skills for the Program Director:


  • Experience as a co-operative developer in Canada
  • Experience in educational program development and delivery for adults based upon adult learning principles and practices
  • Experience with online educational programs
  • Knowledge of resources, provincial and federal legislation needed for co-operative development in Canada
  • Ability to work independently


  • Ability to write and speak both English and French
  • Knowledgeable of the international co-operative community
  • Organizational skills in planning and carrying out multiple tasks
  • Computer skills in various applications, e.g., word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, communications (Zoom), educational platforms (Moodle), social media, collaboration platforms (Google Drive).
  • Developing collaborative working relationships with other staff and volunteers to achieve a common goal.  

This is a part-time contract with its heaviest responsibilities between mid-August to mid-May, with an estimated 5-7 hours of work per week. Workload could increase to 10 hours per week during busy months. This contract is offered at $15,000 per year plus work-related expenses.

All applications should include:

  1. A letter explaining why you are interested in this contract and how you would fulfil the responsibilities for the position.
  2. Your resume.

To apply, please submit the aforementioned documentation to Michael Norris at

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